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It Starts With The Brain

Maria Shriver and Lifetime held “The Women’s Health Summit: It Starts With The Brain” in NYC.

I was honored to be on the panel to share important updates about the evolving and cutting edge link between our brain, our gut and Alzheimer’s disease.

The video includes critical new updates and actionable and inspiring tips on fighting and lowering risk for Alzheimer’s disease and keeping our brain healthy.

I hope you find the tips helpful and hopeful!

3 Surprising Ways To Hack Your Day-to-Day Mood


Sometimes you are just having a bad day!

And it makes sense why you would be in a bad mood.

But other times your mood is just off and you can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. (Just a quick point. Mood is incredibly complex; there is day-to-day mood, and then there are conditions like depression and bipolar disorder where our mood doesn’t match what’s happening in our lives and our world. For this post, we won’t be talking about mood disorders but instead, our day-to-day mood).

OK, here we go….

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Is This Added Sugar? All The Sneaky Ways Food Manufacturers Add Sugar To Our Food

Sugar has become the enemy! But that’s not entirely true. Read here to see how sugar is absolutely necessary to run your brain and body.

hfcsThe big concern is sugar that is being added to our food during the manufacturing process. Minimizing and eliminating high fructose corn syrup is a great start. This is human-made highly processed sugar that pretty much has no redeeming health benefits.

But food manufacturers sneak added sugar into our food by using all sorts of different names. Remember: added sugar by another name….is still sugar!

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3 Foods That Sound Healthy But Have Too Much Hidden Added Sugar


Sugar is getting a really bad reputation these days.  Some of that bad rep is justified and some of it is not.  Let’s break down the facts.  Sugar is like gasoline to your brain.  In fact, of everything you eat, a whopping 50% of the sugar you eat is used up just by your brain.  Of all the organs in your body, your brain uses the most sugar.  That’s why we love sugar.
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