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Why Some Get Very Sick with COVID-19 and Insights Into New Treatments

I just wanted to share with you another quick and hopeful update on some important research on COVID-19/Coronavirus.   I put together a short (6 minute) video where you will learn: 1.  The latest research into why some individuals have mild symptoms and others have life threatening symptoms with COVID-19. 2.  How these insights are leading to treatments to save lives. […]

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It Starts With The Brain

Maria Shriver and Lifetime held “The Women’s Health Summit: It Starts With The Brain” in NYC. I was honored to be on the panel to share important updates about the evolving and cutting edge link between our brain, our gut and Alzheimer’s disease. The video includes critical new updates and actionable and inspiring tips on fighting and lowering risk for Alzheimer’s disease and keeping […]

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