One Simple Tip To Boost Your Focus!

Ever find it hard to focus?   Here is a science based tip to increase your focus.  And it’s super simple!

Video Transcript:

A recent study showed that there’s a simple thing you can do that help people perform 20% better on a test.

So these researchers took a big group of people, divided them into two. Everybody had to turn off their cell phone before they took this test.

Half the group turned off their cell phone and were allowed to have their cell phone out on their desk even though it was off. The other group turned off their cell phone and put it in another room. Who do you think did best?

The people whose cell phone was in the other room performed 20% better on the test. What this shows us is how distracting our phones are. Have you ever found yourself checking your phone and it’s not even buzzing or beeping?

So if you want to perform at your best, something to remember is that there are times when it’s actually best to have your cell phone out of sight so it’s also out of mind.

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