Understanding, Managing and Controlling Anger

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Anything getting you angry?!


Some of that anger is actually really good for us and some of it is devastating to our mental and physical health.  According to a study at Harvard University, in the 2 hours after a period of intense anger, the risk of heart attack may increase by 8.5 times.


A key to controlling and managing anger is understanding how it works in the brain.


In this video, you will learn and benefit by:


– Understanding the latest breakthroughs on how anger really works in the brain.
– How to identify what makes you angry.  Sometimes it’s not what we think!
– What kind of anger is actually really good for your brain and body and how to use anger to your advantage.
– Science-based strategies to not let anger overwhelm you and negatively impact your mental and physical health.


All explained in an easy to understand and entertaining manner! 

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