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Testimonials | Dr. Marc Milstein

Dr. Milstein was the highlight of the conference. His knowledge coupled with wonderful speaking style and sense of humor make his presentation truly excellent.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Dr. Marc Milstein was a fantastic kickoff to our conference! He provided immediately applicable information in a fun and energizing way. He used science in a relatable manner to highlight his points effortlessly. As a conference planner, I found both Dr. Marc Milstein and his staff professional and accommodating. If you are looking for a great presenter, look no further!

Meghann Post
Meeting Planner
Colorado Court Annual Conference

Thank you for presenting an extremely powerful conference that was steeped in quality information, backed by current research and supported by practical approaches to assist our students, parents, staff as well as ourselves. Thank you so much for coming to Australia. The presentations were world-class!

Rob Symon
Senior Event Planner, Rural Conference
Department of Education, North Coast Region Australia

You did an incredible job and our guests found your presentations to be insightful, thought provoking, and witty. Thank you for all of your tremendous work!

Kyle Armstrong
Program Coordinator: Engagement & Wellness
McMaster University

It's a great honor to have you speak at our conference. You made a great contribution to our conference's success.
I would like to express my special thanks to you for the wonderful speech which kept the audience very focused and engaged.

Nathan Kim
VP, Hwajein Co.
Design Your Story

Dr. Marc Milstein’s talks are without fail, utterly mind-blowing. Every. Single. Time. He presents some of the most cutting-edge information on our health out there – studies that are literally only weeks or months old – and not only is it fascinating, but also highly relevant to our own personal health, happiness and well-being. This is not just ‘interesting info’ but vital news that we can incorporate into our existence to lead healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. From the science of getting a better sleep to why the trillions of bacteria living in our bodies are not only our friends but also the markers for our own personal health and wellness, each talk is absolutely revelatory. Dr. Milstein presents what is an incredible amount of information in an easy-to-grasp manner that is easy for even the most ‘non-scientific’ person (like me!) to completely understand. I have seen every one of his talks – and look forward to the new ones eagerly!

Erin Culley
Creative Artists Agency/CAA

We are hearing RAVE reviews and our members loved hearing you speak. You were a HOME RUN!

Lea Osborne
Director of Education & Partnerships
Health Care Association of Michigan & Michigan Center for Assisted Living

Dr. Marc Milstein has a gift of resonating with our audiences by providing them with cutting edge information and research. Dr. Marc is interactive and keeps our groups focused and entertained. He has a natural ability to convey his messages to his audience in an understandable method. Dr. Marc does an excellent job in conveying his message clearly and concisely. Our groups have unanimously walked away from Dr. Milstein's keynotes or workshops touched and ready for change.

Tammie Wallace
CHLI Director of Business Development
Four Seasons Hotel

Dr. Marc Milstein is a credible authority on the relationship between brain and body, mind and health, and the intricate interactions related to wellness, fulfillment and happiness. His lectures are based on leading-edge scientific research and he delivers breakthrough material in an engaging, easy to internalize style.

Denis Waitley, Author
“The Psychology of Winning
and Seeds of Greatness”

Dr. Milstein was charming, captivating and insightful. Attendees were abuzz with what they learned!

Lynde Tomori Trussell
The Center for Early Education

Dr. Milstein’s lectures increase my understanding of how the brain and the body work in concert. Every lecture enlightens and inspires me. His research is always “hot off the press”. Dr. Milstein deciphers complex material with clarity and understated humor.

Elaine Cole, MFT
Wagner Program

Dr. Marc Milstein spoke to a packed house and his lecture on Sleep & the Brain was engaging, lively, intriguing and extremely informative. His charming personality and wit brought humor and levity to a health concern important to all of us– how important sleep is to our brain’s functionality, memory, immune system and overall well-being. He definitely captivated our audience and we look forward to hearing more from Dr. Marc in the future.

Allison Gingold
President, University Women

Dr. Marc Milstein delivers high impact lectures that are entertaining, insightful and on the forefront of science and technology. His lecture series unlocks many of the key components of human potential and demonstrates how to achieve greater health, happiness and peak performance in a fast-forward world where change is the rule.

Dayna Arnold, Ph.D., Author
“The Winning Formula: Lessons to Lead
and Achieve in the 21st Century”

Dr. Marc Milstein is a delightful speaker! He explained very clearly what keeps most of us awake at night and the habits we need to change to get the best possible sleep. Dr. Milstein is entertaining, informative and most important for the meeting planner, easy to work with. You will enjoy his presentation and gain insight into how your brain functions.

Cindy Smith
CMP | Event Planner
Meeting Planners International, Texas


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