New Insights Into The Brain Science of Anger (Bel Air)


One-Time Lecture

Sunday, October 14, 2018
10:30am – 11:45am

Skirball Cultural Center
2701 N Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049

New Insights Into The Brain Science of Anger

Cutting Edge Insights into The Brain Science of Anger:
Understanding, Current Treatments and Future Interventions

 You Will Learn:
– The latest understanding of the anger in the brain.
– The key brain structures, pathways and neurochemicals of anger.
– The role of genetics and environment in anger.
– Science based strategies to manage anger.
– Key Insights into the teenage and adolescent brain regarding anger and managing emotions.
– Cutting edge anger management treatments on the horizon.
– What’s real and what’s hype in the world of brain based treatments for anger.
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