2019 Winter Lecture Series (Bel Air)


1:15 PM – 2:30 PM
January 24th
February 7th
March 14th

3 Meetings in Total
$105 for the series

Leo Baeck Temple
1300 N Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Emotional Trauma and the Brain
Screens and Your Brain at Any Age

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How Your DNA Informs and Impacts Your Diet and
How to Get the Most Out of the Food You Eat

What you eat is critically important to your health. But why does one diet work for one person and fail for another? Are one-size-fits-all dietary recommendations a thing of the past?

Are there certain foods that are best for you based on your personal genetics?

A fast growing and exciting field is personalized nutrition, a branch of personalized medicine, where your DNA is analyzed to tell you which foods are best for you based on your DNA.

Based on this fascinating science, the market is being flooded with at home DNA kits that promise to unlock the secrets of what you should eat.

– What surprising information can you get from these new tools? But also, what’s just hype?
– While we are at it, we will take a scientific look at the latest health craze, intermittent fasting. Promises and success stories abound, but what is the scientific evidence?

Healing High Levels of Stress and Emotional Trauma in the Brain

What does emotional trauma do to the brain? Why do two people experience the same trauma and they have very different outcomes? Why do some just survive while others thrive? Is it possible that trauma experienced by our parents and grandparents has impacted our brain? And critically, what are the cutting-edge insights into healing the brain from trauma in our own life as well as trauma from past generations?

Cell Phone Screens, Tablets, Media, Video Games, and Your Brain at Any Age

Are screens the new smoking?
It’s not quite that simple. Instead the answer is surprising and unexpected.

We used to say we really didn’t know what the impact of screens, video games, and cell phones were on the brain. But the past few months has uncovered a series of high-level studies that provide critical insights.

Your brain is changing each day. So how does all this media and screen use impact your brain at any age?

– What are benefits and drawbacks?
– What do the latest studies say is the right amount screen time for your brain and what unexpected side effects are highly concerning if you are a parent or grandparent of young children or teenagers?
– How can we harness the good of our fast evolving, tech based modern world and avoid the pitfalls when it comes to our brain and health?
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